Monday 8 May 2017

Martin Curry, the Property Services Manager of the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) has responded to our letter objecting to the proposed plan to lease Glenridding Common to John Muir Trust.

We are pleased that the LDNPA will be recommending including of all of our five suggestions in the lease, also the John Muir Trust have indicated that they are happy for these points to be included in the lease. The suggestions are:

1) The Tenant agrees that Glenridding Common is managed through an agro-pastoral system of commoning
that is one of the outstanding universal values of the Lake District National Park and will support this system,
including the rights of common exercised by legitimate commoners, alongside other outcomes.
2) The Tenant agrees not to refuse consent to future agri-environment or other farming schemes that the
commoners may apply for which would maintain sheep grazing at the same level as present or at levels
acceptable to Natural England or similar body.
3) The Tenant agrees to consult widely and explicitly with the local community and all those with legal interests
on any planting schemes or other works on the holding which require S. 38 Consent under the Commons Act
2006. In addition it will present an annual programme of other proposed works to the Parish Council and the
4) The Tenant undertakes to do no works that will compromise access routes used for the gathering of sheep
without the express agreement of the commoners.
5) If, in the event of the failure of the current HLS Scheme and / or if no further scheme is available to the
commoners, then the Tenant will not object to the commoners exercising their legal rights of common.

You can download and read the full response from Martin Curry here.