Tuesday 10 January 2017

The Foundation for Common Land (FCL) wishes to engage a suitably qualified individual/organisation to help us expand and extend our Hill Farming Training Scheme to different parts of Britain.

FCL has developed and piloted a highly regarded hill farming/crofting training package aimed at government and conservation/environmental NGO staff who can, and do influence hill farming/crofting policy, but often have limited first-hand knowledge and experience on how a hill farm/croft actually works. We particularly focus on the role of commons and common grazings in these farming systems and how their active management is critical to deliver the significant public benefits from common land. 

Please read the attached Hill Farming Hill Farming Training Development Coordinator document before submitting a proposal, which should be emailed to viv@foundationforcommonland.org.uk

Final date for submission of proposals is 5pm on Friday, 3rd February 2017.