Tuesday 29 March 2016

As part of Prince Charles' visit to Cumbria last Wednesday (23rd March) we arranged a private meeting  with farmers, flood victims and environmental bodies in Keswick. Prince Charles heard about the  work being done to reduce the impact of future flooding on farms, homes and businesse, and the importance of common land  and neighbouring farmland management as part of flood mitigation strategies. 

The participants developed a draft charter for organisations working on upstream mitigation to sign up to. The charter puts communities at the heart of efforts of flood mitigation work and recognises that every place is different and requires its own solutions that are planned locally. Scientists, communities and farmers need to pool their knowledge and local schemes need to be joined together to make a difference at the large scale

We propose to the Cumbria Floods Partnership that all Upstream Mitigation / Natural Flood Management proposals are “Charter Proofed”

For a local report on the meeting see the Times and Star